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Suhasta is a Social Enterprise based in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, India. We are a new-age educational startup, firmly focused on skill-based vocational education, which is truly relevant to the future of our society, economy and environment. This is education that will empower and enable youth of our Nation...

Suhasta is founded by a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals drawn from diverse backgrounds ranging from the Armed Forces, various Industry segments such as Telecom, IT, Agriculture extension, Rural Development, Management Education, Manufacturing, Academic Education and Real Estate. 

We have kicked off our mission with the most complex and challenging sector - Agriculture!

Multiple programs are now offered in Sustainable Agriculture for different audiences - Rural Youth, Practising Farmers and Urban Beginners wanting to make the big shift to their roots...

Suhasta is a Social enterprise, focused on a problem of great significance and our programs aim for three dimensional impact - Social, Environmental and Economic. The support of like-minded concerned citizens is critically important to help us get there.

There are multiple ways in which this help is needed and we welcome every bit, from every source.

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