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'Suhasta' is proud to be associated with such luminaries and illustrious experts in fields of Sustainable Agriculture, Safe Food and Nutrition and Seed Science as our mentors, guides and advisers.

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M.Sc. (Agri.)


A Master in Horticulture with super specialization in Pomology; from Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) and former researcher at Indian Council of Agriculture research (ICAR) - both premier apex institutes. 

A gold medalist in Agriculture Sciences, Founder & Director of CHETANA-VIKAS, Youth Leader for development and peaceful change. 

Former Steering Committee Member of National Organic Farming Association of International Network on Sustainable Agriculture (India), and of Association for Propagation of Indigenous Genetic Resources (APIGR). 

His current work focuses on science based technology development, research, networking, skills for HRD, policy issues and dissemination of alternatives in Sustainable organic agriculture, Natural Resource Management and on dryland horticulture, with emphasis on quality of life for the producers and consumers.

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M.Sc. (Botany)


A Master in Botany with Ecology special.  Head of the Department of Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Resource Management and Associate Director.  Her special interest and work is in alternative technology development for Sustainable Agriculture, Field-based Micro-Watershed Development, with prime focus on food and nutrition security, self-reliant farming, bringing producer & consumer closer as "Prosumer", facilitating skills development. 

Former Steering Committee Member of a National Organization - Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI).  Co-founder, Member, National Governing Council, Participatory Guarantee System India Organic (PGS) related to development of alternative marketing system for small farmers. She has been Senior Consultant.

A crusader for Safe food and nutrition through Organic Farming, Niranjana ji has developed a fascinating model farm based on a very rigorous and scientific approach. She calls it 'Swawalambi Sanjeevak Sheti' (self-reliant and re-vitalizing agriculture, and this model has very high potential of being the way forward for India's smallholder farmers, who happen to be 85% of the total number. 


B.Sc. (Agri)



In 1993, at the age of 35, Shri Bhat quit his job and chose to become a full time farmer at Bendshil village, near Badalapur, Dist. Thane. He is one of the finest practitioners of Natural and Organic farming in Maharashtra today. In 2013, he was awarded the "Sendriya Krishi Bhushan" award by the Govt. of Maharashtra. In 2017, he was selected in the top ten Organic farmers in the country.


In addition to farming, he runs an agri tourism business and conducts training courses in various aspects of Organic and Natural farming. He also works as a Agricultural Consultant.


Shri Bhat writes articles and regularly features on radio, TV and print media, spreading awareness about the environment and sustainable agriculture. Several videos are also available on You Tube.

Shri Khake completed his Master's degree in Agriculture in 1980, specialising in Soil Science. Ever since, he has worked in various reputed organizations such as

1. Bhumiputra Seva Mandal, Yavatmal - DIRECTOR (1984-1987) 

2.Centre of Science for Villages, Wardha - IN-CHARGE, Ecological Farming & Composting (1987-1992) 

3.Rural Development Project, Shantivan,  NERC, Panvel. - DIRECTOR (1992-1994)

4.Gram Rajya Trust, Urali Kanchan - IN-CHARGE Agriculture Research & Rural Reconstruction Programme (1994-1996)

5. Dharamitra, Wardha - SCIENTIST.(2000-2002)


Since 2002, Khake ji has been working for development of Organic Farms for various clients such as ISKCON, Sandoz India Ltd., MAHAN (Melghat), MOFF Pune, and many private farms etc.

Shri Khake has authored several handbooks on Soil Science, Organic Manure and Vermicomposting. He writes regularly in leading publications on Organic farming and associated topics such as importance of cows and use of cow dung etc.


His sterling work in Melghat can be seen on several videos on You Tube. He is in great demand as an Agricultural consultant.



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