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Chetana Vikas Alternative Agriculture and Resource Centre, Wardha

An institution devoted to research in sustainable agriculture and farmer welfare for over forty years, Chetana Vikas is run by Shri Ashok Bang and Smt Niranjana Maru. They are reputed for their selfless dedication, scientific rigor and methodical approach. The Objectives of Chetana Vikas are:

  1. To introduce experiments and innovations and try to create alternatives of sustainable development models in agriculture, education, child care and development, economic and employment activities and community organization.

  2. To emphasize upon human resources development by nurturing local village cadre and leadership with various development skills through consistent and intensive training and learning exposure.

  3. To undertake systematic, scientific micro-studies and experiments on development issues related to the respective grass-roots section, thus leading to action research.

Cherry Tomatoes

Sustainable Lifestyle Store and Experience Centre, Pune

This innovative venture by ex-IT professionals Bhushan Patil, NIranjan Upasani and Sachin Inamdar, is without doubt the crying need of the hour. SLIS stands for 'Sustainable Living Integrated Solutions'. It offers products, concepts, services, education & integrated solutions for a ‘Sustainable Lifestyle’ with a holistic approach.

It represents a community of aware consumers, conscious producers and subject matter experts!

SLIS serves through four streams of offerings

• Sustainable Lifestyle Store (SLS):

    o Offers wide range of products for sustainable lifestyle

• Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Centre (SLEC)

    o Offers educative sessions & experiential workshops

• Annarai (अन्नराई)

    o Annarai, is a sacred food forest, which is an amalgamation of beautiful intentions

• Sustainable Healthy Spaces 

    o It is a consulting and implémentation solution for ‘living-spaces’ and ‘work-spaces’ to make those healthier and sustainable

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Vasundhara Charitable Trust, Mumbai

Vasundhara Charitable Trust was started and is run mainly by Dr Sujala Pathare (Scientist) and her husband Dr Pritam Pathare (General Surgeon).

The Trust conducts numerous ongoing healthcare programs to provide advanced facilities to residents of Tarapur and surrounding villages.

VCT continues to make sterling contributions to rural education by enabling a number of ZP run schools for e-learning, by providing the necessary infrastructure. 


Nisarga Mitra, Badlapur, Maharashtra


Gramoday, Dapoli, Maharashtra


This group of dedicated Organic and Natural farmers from the Konkan region is led and mentored by Shri Vinayak Mahajan of Dapoli.

Followers of the late Shripad Dabholkar, members of Gramoday actively engage with the local Agricultural University. They constantly explore issues faced by local farmers and then seek solutions through a hard scientific approach.   

'Nisarga Mitra' is a living testimony to the dedicated and determined efforts of a family over three decades to live a life of sustainability. Twice, the entire top soil of the farm got wiped off by floods and the sheer tenacity and conviction of Shri Rajendra Bhat resulted in its resurrection.

Today, this farm is an exemplary demonstration of all the principles of agricultural science, biodiversity and close alignment with Nature.

It is also a Centre of learning where Shri Bhat generously shares his knowledge and experiences through regular training sessions.

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