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NOTE: All these Projects were visualised, crystallised and implemented under the "Sanjeevak Sheti" and "SPARK" Programs run by the MAHARASHTRA KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATION (NOW KNOWN AS THE MKCL KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATION), the CSR Project Implementing and Monitoring Arm of MAHARASHTRA KNOWLEDGE CORPORATION LTD., PUNE.

These Projects were envisaged and mentored by the visionary Shri Vivek Sawant, CEO and MD, MKCL.     

A. Education of farmers in Sustainable Agriculture (SA) – Science, economics and techniques

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture – Swawalambi Sanjeevak Sheti model as developed at Chetana Vikas Wardha – for farmers from Thane, Pune, Nashik, Jalgaon, Parbhani, Beed, Yawatmal, Nandurbar districts

  2. Conducting fortnightly training sessions in basic agricultural science for practicing farmers in seven villages – Jalgaon, Beed, Parbhani and Yavatmal districts

  3. Collaboration with CRHP (Comprehensive Rural Health Project) at Jamkhed, Dist Ahmednagar and conducting a year-long program in sustainable agriculture for practising farmers

B. Training of villagers in Participatory Ground water management (PGWM)

  1. Organising and conducting training camps for village youth in Soil and Water conservation treatments for watershed management – youth from Pune, Jalgaon, Parbhani, Beed, Yawatmal, Nandurbar districts (In collaboration with KVK Jalna, ACWADAM, Disha Foundation)

C. Conducting Action research projects on the field – Rural development, PGWM and SA

  1. Participatory Ground Water Management program in six villages in collaboration with ACWADAM, Pune – Pune, Beed and Yawatmal districts

  2. Initiating a long-term village development program in tribal village Phulawade, Bhimashankar, Dist Pune, starting with soil and water conservation. De-silting of the original natural rainwater lake through MGNREGA was the first step.

  3. Starting and running a Dushkal Mukti Call Centre for farmers struggling with severe drought. Thousands of calls were received and farmers received guidance regarding government schemes and services, water tankers, fodder camps, food ration etc... 

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