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Sustainable Agriculture Awareness Course

  • Pandemics will come and go. Stock markets will boom and bust. Policies will change. The one thing that can never change is the total dependence of humans on Agriculture.


  • It is the humble farmer and the incredible invention called Agriculture that keep us moving towards our dreams - no matter how much we ignore it or deny its existence.

  • If you are invested in the business of Agriculture inputs, farm mechanization, finance, trading, speculation, journalism, food processing or academia...

  • If you are working in the urban non-profit space to address chronic problems like public health, forced migration, slums, exploitation of labor...

  • Or if you are concerned urban citizens belonging to social organizations who wish to get a deeper insight into some very crucial issues...

                                                       This is the Program you want to look at!

  • Do a detailed dive into our past, right from the origin, take fresh stock of the present and take a good hard peek at the future we are headed towards!

  • You are sure to emerge a much more aware, conscious and observant person, with high clarity of thought, sensitivity towards the farming profession and deep understanding of our complex relationship with Nature.

  • This Course is about 40 hours long, consisting of online sessions that can be flexibly arranged to suit the client organization's requirement. Call 98210 87115 for more details. 

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